India need more MBA's

What most of suggests to our brothers or sisters who just got done with Their high school? Take MPC in Intermediate and then go for engineering then MNC- job, or some will say prepare for JEE and then Get into IIT and MNC job. Is this your answer? Come on; This is not a rat's race. What I would suggest is, Take some time and Find your passion. Just look around for problems and think whether you can provide any solution for the problems. If you can , then- BOOM.. there is a new company, and unemployment rate just decreased because of your thought. Let's get straight into the topic why India need more MBA's.

Our country has some core economic issues:


Unemployment:  India’s has high unemployment rates , about  30%[Source], We have to create more jobs to cure unemployment.

Few companies: There are only 1.5 million registered companies in India [Source] while 18 million in the US[Source] and 76 million in China [Source].

Shallow equity markets: India’s stock markets are 1/4th of Japan’s and 1/15th of the US[Source] - a deep equity market helps growth.


Expanding companies: B-School students have been found to be excellent at building companies[Source].

Creating companies: Most of the large firms are founded by MBA's.

Raising capital: A large number of private equity/venture capital firms are run/assisted by MBAs[Souce].

Don't take this as an endorsement for an MBA being the panacea for all problems, But there is merit in having business educated people in a country which need more businesses.

Bottom Line: Don't take this in the other way, MBA is not just a  fancy degree to add to your list of achievements and increase the probability of getting a fancy job, But it is more of creating more companies and reducing unemployment rate. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section. Good Luck.


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