[PDF] CAT Syllabus pdf 2017-18

One should know CAT Syllabus before Preparing for CAT Exam. Common Admission Test is a test with no predefined syllabus, But past trends shows that CAT tests in general aptitude including Verbal Ability , Quant Ability , Logical Reasoning (LR) and Data Interpretation (DI).

Do read What is CAT Exam? if you don't know about CAT Exam.

CAT Syllabus pdf

There are other admission tests for MBA similar to CAT. These are - MAT, XAT, CMAT and SNAP. There are some B-Schools (like IIFT and IRMA) which conduct their own exam. We will go in detail about CAT Syllabus in later post.

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CAT Syllabus  2017-18

CAT Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus (34 Questions) :


Number System •
Digital Root •
Euler Number •
Cyclicity + negative remainder •
Divisibility •
Remainder + CRT •
factorial •
Number of divisors / Sum / product •
Unit Digit/ tens digit •
Integral Solutions •
Base System •
Fractions,  decimals •
factors Logarithm - •
Theory, basic properties and graphs Vedic Maths •
Multiplication and tables •
Square Cubes, square root, cube root Cyclicity + negative remainder, Digital Root,

Number System •

Sequences and Series •
Basics and concept of AP,GP , HP •
Basics and concept of AM GM HM •
Advanced/ Tricky series Permutation Combination •
Basics of Permutation and Combination •
Typical Questions- Cards, numbers, rank, dice, Chessboard problems •
Special Cases with Repetition/ No Repetition •
Circular Arrangement Probability •
Baey’s Theorem+ Conditional Probability •
Typical Questions- Cards, numbers, dice, etc Time Speed Distance •
Theory Relative speed- Trains, stationary object •
Boats and Streams •
Races and Games •
Escalator •
Circular Arrangement Shares and Stocks •
Gaining losing of time •
Finding angle at a given time, time at given angle,
Concept of interchanging of the hands.
Calendar -  Concept of odd day, finding date, days, etc,

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Set theory •
Basics Venn diagram •
Basics, •
Concept of Maxima Minima Time and Work - •
Basic Theory •
Pipes and Cistern •
Unitary method/ chain rule Partnership •
Ratio and Proportion  •
Basics •
Ratio and its use •
Proportion •
Variation Mixtures and Alligation -   Theory + some typical situations where Alligation can be used •
Geometry -   Coordinate Geometry •
Polygons, Quadrilaterals- Figures and Its properties .
Pythagorean Triplets •
Trigonometry •
Heights and Distances ( trigonometry) •
Line and Area •Similarity+ Congruency •
Circles •
Triangles- Orthocentre, Incentre, Circumcentre •
Volume and area- cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder, ( 3D figures) Statistics Basics- Mean median modePercentage- •
Concept of percentage change + Word problems •
Basic fraction %age conversion Algebra
Inequalities-Wave curve method •
functions- odd even periodic functions, GINT, etc •
Quadratic equations, cubic equations •
Polynomials •
Range and Domain of equations •

Simple and Compound interest -  •
Basics •
Shortcuts + word problem •
Installments concept Profit & Loss and Discount - Basics, Terminologies •
Advanced- shortcuts and tricks Averages •

CAT Verbal Reasoning Syllabus (34 Questions). 

Speed Reading •
Basic Comprehension Techniques •
Types of questions and how to handle them •
•Para-jumbles •
Misfit Sentences •
Summary Writing •
Critical Reasoning •
Para-completion •
Misc Reasoning Topics •
Grammar :
Parts of Speech •
Subject-verb Agreement •
Parallelism •
Modifiers •
Verb Tense errors •
Idioms and Usage •
Punctuation errors •
Vocabulary devlopment •

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CAT Logical Reasoning and Data Intrepretation Syllabus (32 Questions)

Logical Reasoning•
Linear Arrangement •
Matrix Arrangement •
Circular Arrangement •
Blood Relation and Family Tree •
Group/Team Formation •
Games and Tournaments•
Paths & Routes- •

CAT Data Interpretation Syllabus

Percentage to fraction conversion-•
Vedic Maths- •
Bar Graphs •
Column Graphs •
Data Sufficiency •
Introduction to Data Interpretation- •
Line Charts •
Pie Charts •
Tables and Caselets  •
Venn Diagrams •

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